• Self care workshop

• Seminar on Celtic Spirituality (Part 1)

• Seminar on Celtic Spirituality (Part 2)

• Facilitated day for Parish Pastoral Councils

• Weekly workshops on meditation

• Weekly workshops on Art and Spirituality

• Seminar on Education and Spirituality with Le Chéile Schools Trust Board of Directors

• Four-day retreat and workshop on “Historical and Contemporary Spiritual Perspectives” with participants in the Diocese of Elphin Partners in the Gospel Parish Catechist Programme.

• Kryia meditation weekend

Summer in the Parable Garden – Silence and Stillness

Three experiences available daily throughout July:

– Moon Walk
– The Parable Garden Walk
– The Celtic Walk
– Guided Meditation

• Contemplative Camping for Young Adults

• Six-day workshop on icon painting

• Retreat on Art and Spirituality through painting

• School retreats

Mythos – a wilderness experience for the inner journey