The Project

The Parable Garden Education Project is based in a special place near Curracloe, Co Wexford. Located in a walled garden beside the seashore there are lovely walks in the forests, over the hills and along the beach.

The walled garden was built during the middle of the nineteenth century to enclose an orchard. Long since lost under weeds and ivy it has now been brought back to life as the Parable Garden Education Project. We invite you to come and discover this special place still hidden amidst four and a half acres of woodland. Here too you can walk up Holly Hill with its mysterious two hundred year old shell house and lovely views over the sea. Wandering through the forest paths, across the hill and down to the longest beach in Ireland you have space to discover the human spirit. That is why this is truly a spiritual place.

We offer opportunities and experiences for individuals and groups to reflect on their lives and to draw from spiritual wellsprings.

Our focus is on adult education. We believe that education did not end the day that young people left school or college but that it must continue throughout adult life. This is especially true of spirituality and religious education.

Adults learn in a different way from children as they have all the experience of life from which to draw. This is why we call each of our days an ‘experience’. It is not a lesson or a test but an experience. It is a new experience for you and it will draw on your own experience of life with all its twists and turns. The Parable Garden is a place of discovery, it is a place where faith can grow.

It is interesting to know that the word ‘education’ comes from the Latin meaning ‘to lead out’ or ‘to draw out’. In the Parable Garden we want to lead you out into a deeper understanding of many spiritual and religious insights that have guided people for centuries. Further, we want to facilitate you in drawing out your own wisdom from your deeper self, based on what you have learned about life.

We are committed to learning from doing. This is a project rather than a centre. As our project develops we will learn from each other. We want to learn from you, to hear what echoes for you and what pathways you think we might open up.